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Atsushi Hanazono sweat.png
Atsushi Hanazono
華園 亮 Hanazono Atsushi
Age 18
Gender Male
Blood Group O
Relatives Jiro Hanazono (father)

Masako Hanazono (mother)
Hikari Hanazono(younger Sister)

Voice Actors
Seiyū Mitsuhiro Ichiki
Manga Chapter 67
Anime Hikari-Kei
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Atsushi Hanazono (華園 亮 Hanazono Atsushi) is the son of Jiro Hanazono and Masako Hanazono and the older brother of Hikari Hanazono who is currently a junior in high school and he attends a normal high school.

This is because when they were very young, Hikari saw Atsushi beating up a boy who hit her and his facial expression was so scary to her that she fainted. However, when he feels his sister is in danger he breaks away from his peaceful nature and will not hesitate to beat someone up. Even now, Hikari still becomes terrified whenever he becomes truly angry.


Atsushi is a calm individual who does not fail to give Hikari Hanazono his honest opinion.


  • The name Atsushi means "clear" (亮).
  • Atsushi's surname Hanazono means "flower" (華) (hana) and "garden" (園) (sono/zono).


  • Unlike Hikari Hanazono, Atsushi dislikes fighting that he has refrained from any physical fights and yelling ever since he was little.