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Green House
Green House.png
Location Hakusen Academy
Type Green House
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Anime Debut Hikari-Kei

The Green House is a special area provided to the SA. It is a property of the Hakusen Academy.


The Green House is a large dome-shaped building, with some small decorative dome-shaped structures on top. The green house is beautifully made with glass, and has a variety of plants and some of Ryū's animals. It is well decorated with fir tree from outside. It looks somewhat like a paradise from inside, being covered with beautiful plants, and even fountains. It has a high class and expensive table set where the SA have their tea and lunch.


Being the place where the SA spend most of their time, the Green House is one of the most important location in the series. This place is of great importance to all of the members. Many important events of the series took place here. It appears in almost every episode. It may be considered the most peaceful place of the academy. The SA even have small picnics here.