Kaname Takashima is the head of the Takishima group and is a powerful man in the business circle. However, he is rarely seen by others, including his own family members. He makes his first appearance in chapter 25, when he makes a phone call to Kei's father. When Hikari speaks with him over the phone, he plants the idea in her head that Kei is burdened by her very presence.

Hikari meets him face to face in Chapter 59, when President Takishima tries to convince Hikari to transfer schools. He disapproves of Kei's relationship with Hikari and makes many attempts to separate them, such as sending Aoi, arranging marriage meetings for Hikari in London, and arranging a marriage between Kei and a girl named Alisa.

The President expresses a strong dislike of Hikari and the mere sight of her sickens him. It is eventually revealed that he feels that he and Hikari share similarities that will make the people they love suffer; as a result, he fears that if Kei remains with Hikari, Kei will suffer much like the Izumi did.