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Masako Hanazono
華園 昌子 Hanazono Masako
Age 36
Gender Female
Relatives Jiro Hanazono (husband)
Atsushi Hanazono (son)
Hikari Hanazono (daughter)
Voice Actors
Seiyū Atsushi Imaruoka
English Jason Grundy
Anime Hikari-Kei
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Masako Hanazono (華園 昌子, Hanazono Masako) is the wife of Jiro Hanazono and the mother of Atsushi Hanazono and Hikari Hanazono.


Masako is a kind and good-natured woman who seems to accept Hikari Hanazono's activities, such as taking care of Kei Takishima overnight or suddenly travelling to London, without too much fuss. She frequently welcomes Hikari's friends to her house, usually without warning on Hikari's part.

However, Masako does lament that Hikari is unusually strong for a girl (such that she finds it difficult to even see Hikari as a girl at times) and absolutely refuses to allow her daughter to enter the kitchen, well aware of Hikari's destructive inability to cook.


  • The name Masako means "prosperous, bright, clear" (昌) (masa) and "child" (子) (ko).
  • Masako's surname Hanazono means "flower" (華) (hana) and "garden" (園) (sono/zono).