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Never interfere with S.A. with your dirty methods ever again! Got that?
to Nakamura in Anchor-Ryū
Ryū Tsuji
Ryu Tsuji wearing the Special A Uniform.jpg
辻 竜 Tsuji Ryū
Gender Male
Height 184cm
Birthday May 4
Eye Color Greenish brown
Hair Color Green
Blood Group A
Personal Status
Status Alive
Occupation Student
Relatives Shinobu Tsuji (older sister)
Unnamed parents
Affiliation S.A
Voice Actors
Seiyū Kazuma Horie
English Chris Patton
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Anime Debut Hikari~Kei
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Ryū Tsuji holds the 7th position in school, and is especially attracted to animals.


Ryū has green hair and eyes. He is 186cm tall, making him the tallest of the SA members. He is usually seen wearing his school uniform, unlike the others he doesn't wear a tie and instead leaves his shirt partly unbuttoned. When he isn't in school uniform it is shown he likes loose-fitting button-up shirts and shorts. He never wears anything around his neck, due to the sight of his little sister dragging a puppy around by its collar.


Ryū is very fond of animals and even has a room in his house which is like a zoo. He is seen as an even-tempered and kindhearted person and has been close to Megumi and Jun since they were very young; it is evident that he cares for the twins very much and the three of them see each other as family. Ryū despises bullying and is seen to lose his composure when it is involved, especially if it jeopardizes the SA or Jun and Megumi. Ryū loves animals and is good with children. Every animal Ryu has come across appears to always love with him, even normally vicious animals, including guard dogs. They all want him to pet or play with them.

His test scores are a poor reflection of his intellectual prowess. He is in 7th place mainly because of the twins - Megumi tends to fall asleep and Jun becomes bored and distracted during the test, which results in Ryū focusing his attention on them instead of his own exam. He is also the first among the S.A to discover, by accident, that Finn is actually a girl. He is the son of the CEO of a sports company and one of his family's clients is Yahiro's family.


Jun Yamamoto[]

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Ryū is referred to as Ryū-nii by Jun, a short way to say Ryū onii-sama or "big brother Ryū". Jun looks up to and relies on Ryū, cooking, cleaning, and protecting Megumi and him. 

Megumi Yamamoto[]

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Ryū is like Jun and he's motherly and at the same time fatherly figure. He is seen in the anime saying "I'll protect you no matter what" after their instruments were broken and their music room trashed in grade school. Although they are typically mistaken as a couple (for example, Yahiro, on his first "date" with Megumi, questioned if she was Ryuu's girlfriend in the manga), Megumi and Ryuu consider each other as very dear family rather than a possible lover. And, as described by Ryuu, he grew up with Megumi and Jun as siblings, not lovers.  

Finn Coupe Schuzette[]

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A girl who cross-dresses as a guy. She fell in love with Hikari at first, but later falls in love with Ryū and the two end up together.


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