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SA Kitchen
SA Kitchen.png
Location Hakusen Academy
Type Kitchen
Anime Debut Rice Balls-Devotion

The SA Kitchen is a special area provided to the SA. It is a property of the Hakusen Academy.


The SA kitchen is beautifully furnished and well maintained. The kitchen is well ventilated and has a number of windows. Some utensils hang from a utensil hanger attached to the ceiling, while some are kept in the cupboard. The kitchen has a cabinet in the center with two sinks.

Importance in Series[]

The SA Kitchen was introduced in Episode 3, when Hikari was supposed to make a bento for Kei. She asked Akira if she can borrow the kitchen, to which she agreed. According to Akira, she forced Tadashi to get the principal to build the kitchen for them. Akira uses the kitchen to prepare lunch and tea for everyone.