Sakura Ushikubo
牛窪 桜 Ushikubo Sakura
Age 16
Gender Female
Birthday December 14
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Pink
Blood Group B
Personal Status
Status Alive
Occupation Freshman in high school
Voice Actors
Seiyuu Yumi Kakazu(Anime)
Natsuko Kuwatani(Drama CD)
Anime Debut Moral Code-Excellent
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Sakura Ushikubo is the daughter of the head of Ushikubo Medical Manufacturing Group and is Kei's first marriage meeting partner to appear in the series.


Sakura has a slender body. She also has short pink hair that stops at her upper neck with a pair of big green eyes. She is typically seen with her Kokusen Academy uniform.


While she does not consider Kei her type, describing him as a "dark lord" rather than a "prince", she considers him a possible marriage partner because his abilities would be advantageous to her family's business.

Sakura hates dishonest people with a passion, and her family's motto is centered around honesty and punishing/loathing dishonest people. Hikari's straightforward and honest nature allows the two of them to become friends.

She attends the same school Yahiro does and sometimes plans stuff out with him (whether the plans be good or evil). Sakura falls in love with Jun at first sight, as he fit her ideal of someone who was a "prince", and accepts his split personality. She begins to date Jun soon after. However, because of her forceful personality, she is uncertain if Jun reciprocates her feelings until he admits to her that he does.


  • Her name Sakura means cherry blossom.
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