Special A Wiki
Special A
Affiliation Hakusen Academy
Members Hikari Hanazono
Kei Takishima
Jun Yamamoto
Megumi Yamamoto
Tadashi Karino
Akira Tōdō
Ryū Tsuji
Status Active
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Anime Debut Hikari-Kei

Special A, commonly known as S.A., is a group of the top 7 students of Hakusen Academy.


The SA is provided with several extra facilities that the other students don't enjoy.

Green House[]

It's a special place provided to the SA. The SA spends most of their time in the Green house which is one of the most peaceful places in the school. It has a high glass ceiling and an expensive table set where the SA have their tea and lunch.

SA Kitchen[]

The SA are provided with a well-furnished kitchen in which Akira prepares lunch and tea for everyone. As stated by her, she forced Tadashi to get the principal to build it for them.

Special Classrooms[]

The SA members have special classrooms and a different routine of classes than the other students.


Being an elite group, the uniform of the SA members is different than that of the other students.

Male Uniform[]

The SA uniform for the male students consists of:

  • A plain light blue shirt.
  • A dark colored tie
  • A white blazer with the SA badge attached to it.
  • A brown belt.
  • A dark blue pant.
  • A pair of brown Shoes and dark blue socks.

Female Uniform[]

The SA uniform for the female students consists of:

  • A plain dark colored shirt.
  • A yellow colored tie.
  • A white blazer with the SA badge attached to it.
  • A light colored belt.
  • A dark blue skirt.
  • A pair of brown Shoes and dark blue socks.


The current members of the SA are:

Rank Name Gender Status
1st Kei Takishima Male Active
2nd Hikari Hanazono Female Active
3rd Jun Yamamoto Male Active
4th Megumi Yamamoto Female Active
5th Tadashi Karino Male Active
6th Akira Tōdō Female Active
7th Ryū Tsuji Male Active


  • As stated in the manga, Hikari is the only SA student who attends the classes, while the others do as they please and ignore the classes.
  • The members of the SA can change, depending on their ranks. However, the same students always get the same ranks.