This page contains the Article Layout Guidelines of the Special A wiki.

General IntroductionEdit

The layout of an article holds great importance. It is necessary that a proper structure should be maintained of various types of articles. Giving proper structure to an article will make it more appealing and attractive as well as easy. It will be easy for the contributors to edit.

Having different sections makes it easy to read and edit. If a reader is searching for the appearance of a particular character, he can easily find it in the "Appearance" section. A particular information should be placed in a particular section. Moreover, different articles have different layouts. This is because every article is not the same. However, unnecessary sections should be avoided.


  • Images should be placed alternatively (left-right-left-right).
  • Only those images should be added which are necessary.
  • Images should be of 200px.
  • Images should be added according to the article near it.


  • Articles should be properly referenced.
  • The source should be either, The Special A manga, or anime.
  • Identical references should be combined. By combining identical references, it will help keep the pages clean and orderly. If you do not know how to do this, see Help Cite. The name tag is important because if an identical reference will be used later in the article they will be combined. Never forget to add this tag!

The need for referencing is:

  • It proves the information is correct and not some fan speculation.
  • It allows others to look up the information themselves if they want to read further into the subject matter.
  • Conveniently this creates as side effect a list of appearances if the article is about a character and has a plot summary.

Style for Manga ReferencingEdit

  • Simple referencing
<ref>Special A manga chapter 1</ref>
  • Identical referencing
<ref name="chapter 1">Special A manga chapter 1</ref>

Style for Anime ReferencingEdit

  • Simple referencing
<ref>Special A anime episode 1</ref>
  • Identical referencing
<ref name="episode 1">Special A anime episode 1</ref>


Infoboxes should be used according to the article. There are different infobox created for different articles.

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