This page contains the Image Policy of the Special A Wiki. The aim is to ensure that the Images placed in the articles are properly licensed and are of good quality.


  • Images should be of good quality.
  • Anime Images should not have subtitles.
  • Manga images should not have text in the speech bubbles.
  • Images should not be very blurred or saturated.
  • Images are replaceable only by an image of higher quality.


  • Duplicate images shouldn't be uploaded.
  • Images should have proper Filenames.
  • Meaningless images shouldn't be uploaded.


  • Images should be licensed. Fair Use Rationale and Fair Use must be added to the images.


  • Images that haven't been added to any article or user page will be deleted.
  • Inappropriate images will be deleted.


  • Images in articles should be placed according to the content. For example, don't place an image of Hikari preparing rice balls for Kei if the paragraph next to it is written about Hikari teaching Sui. Images should correspond to the articles and the paragraphs.
  • Images size in articles should be 200px.
  • Images should be placed in an alternate manner (right-left-right-left and so on..), except in some sections.
  • Articles shouldn't be filled with images. If there are too many images, try to add only those which are necessary.
  • Proper caption should be added to the images.

Image galleryEdit

  • Anime Images should be added in the Anime section and Manga images should be added in the Manga section.
  • Same images shouldn't be added more than once.
  • Proper caption should be added to the images.
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