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Sumire Karino
狩野 菫 Karino Sumire
Gender Female
Relatives Unknown husband
Tadashi Karino (son)
Voice Actors
Seiyū Atsuko Tanaka
English Shelley Calene-Black
Anime Girlfriend-Boyfriend
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Sumire Karino is Tadashi's mother and is the director of Hakusenkan. Little is known about her and she never appears in front of the students. A woman whose actions speak for themselves, she is strict and intimidating. She is the primary reason why Tadashi entered the S.A class and has threatened to punish him if he gets a lower rank than fifth place. In the past, she frequently punished Tadashi when he failed to please her and does not hesitate to do so in the present when he offends her, often extending the punishment to the rest of the SA if she deems fit. She and her husband were really popular in school when they were still students. As Tadashi stated, his parents always had a boyfriend and girlfriend. And if Tadashi did something wrong he would end up bungee jumping and Tadashi is afraid of that.


Sumire is first described by Tadashi to be very scary and intimidating, as well as a woman of her word. When she first appears she is seen as a strong, fierce, and strict director and mother. Her condition with Tadashi is that if he remains ranked within the top 5 of the school she lets him do as he pleases, if he fails, however, Sumire forces Tadashi to be hanged wraped in his sheets. Although she first appears as very strict and cold she is later seen to be a loving mother that supports her "wandering child". Despite submitting to the pressures of Aoi, she does so reluctantly and was very happy to get the Special A class reinstated.