Takishima Residence
Takishima House
Location Japan
Type House
Anime Debut Rice Balls-Devotion (cameo)


Takishima Residence is the Home of Kei Takishima, his brother and his father.


The Takishima Residence is a luxurious place, that is big and spacious. After entering the house, there is a set of stairs that leads to the second floor. A beautiful fountain, situated outside the house, also adds to its luxury. A garden, which has many dragonflies, is also a part of the mansion.

Importance in SeriesEdit

The Takishima house was first introduced in Episode 3, however, only a glimpse of it was shown. The proper introduction was given in Episode 4, when Hikari went to Takishima Residence after a long time. Kei's father then requested Hikari to tutor Sui, Kei's younger brother who had no interest in studies. Later, in Episode 12, Kei forcefully took Hikari to his house as he won a challenge by beating her in exams. He fell sick and Hikari took care of him all day.